Lawn Mower Servicing.
£40 Electric Mower
£65 Rotary
£85 Cylinder
£150 Lawn Tractor
(Deposit Reqd)

Blade Sharpening.
Axe £10
Rotary Blade Sharpening £15
Cylinder Blade Sharpening £30
Shears £15
Loppers £15
Secateurs £15
Chain Saw Chain £10

Chain Saw/Stihl Saw/Leaf Blower
Service/Set-up £45

Strimmer /Pole Pruner.
Service/Adjustment £40

Vacuum Cleaner Servicing.
£35 plus parts (if required).
Quote given for Motor Replacement.

P.A.T Testing Service Available.
£15 Inspection Fee payable in the
event that an item is beyond repair.

P.A.T Testing Service Available.

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